Cookies policy

CIGOGNE Management S.A. takes discretion and the privacy of visitors to its website very seriously and we do our utmost to safeguard your trust in us.

With regard to cookies, it is therefore our policy to be meticulous in describing the process of harvesting information collected during visits to the website and to offer you the ability to set the use of cookies according to your wishes.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that can be placed on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone, etc.) when you view a website. The vast majority of websites use cookies. The use of cookies helps improve your browsing experience.

Why does CIGOGNE Management S.A. use cookies?

When visitors access CIGOGNE Management S.A.’s website, navigation data are temporarily stored in memory or recorded on their computer equipment. Some cookies are necessary for the operation of the site while others are intended to facilitate visitors’ navigation.

There are several types of cookies:

Technical cookies

These cookies, created directly by the tool that hosts the website, are essential to the proper functioning of the platform. They are used for remembering your language preference for the website and your country of residence. Their lifespan is 100 days.

Analytical cookies

These cookies collect your preferences regarding the use of the website (e.g. frequency and duration of visits or number and type of pages viewed) to offer you relevant content in the future. Analytical cookies are used anonymously and the information generated cannot be identified individually. Their lifespan is 13 months.

Advertising cookies

These cookies enable information relevant to your browsing habits and interests when surfing the Internet to be suggested to you. Deactivating them will not result in the elimination of adverts but they will be less relevant to you. Their lifespan is 13 months.

Sharing cookies

These cookies come from third-party websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Issuu, Addthis, etc.) and enable the content of our website to be shared on social networks. The sharing functions enable you to publish the content you have viewed on your profile and to your friends. The videos available on our apps and web pages are hosted on external platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), which apply their own privacy policy. Sharing cookies have a lifespan of 13 months.

How can I refuse the use of cookies?

You can choose to accept or refuse to have cookies placed on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone, etc.) via your Internet browser’s settings, at any time.

Depending on the type of browser, you have the following options: accept or reject cookies of any origin or from a given source, or elect to have a message displayed requesting agreement each time a cookie is placed. You can also delete previously saved cookies at any time. We invite you to consult your browser’s online help.

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Partial or total refusal of statistical and/or technical cookies will limit the availability of the website’s content and functionalities. By continuing to view CIGOGNE Management S.A.'s website without any particular setting of your Internet browser, you authorise CIGOGNE Management S.A. to place cookies of any kind.